Vlad Stoicescu //dela0.ro
Journalist & Founder, dela0.ro
He has been in the written press field for 8 years - starting at "Evenimentul zilei" as a special reporter for 3 years and moving into freelancing as a reporter and founding-editor of the online platform dela0.ro for the past 5 years. In 2014 and 2015, the Foreign Policy Romania magazine included Dela0.ro in it's list of 100 names that moves Romania trough the power of ideas or facts. He got in the editorial office by chance and he stayed out of curiosity and fascination with the people around him. For a reporter, the people around will always be those outside the office. The press gave him more than he managed to give back trough his published work (print or online). It gave him fabulous situations and events, but most of all, it gave him real people, people with flash and bones, people that no literature of the world could had ever created. That's no small thing to be given. He is the "Young journalist of 2011", distinction awarded by the Freedom House, and multiple finalist in the "Reports" category in the Superscrieri awards, where he has won in 2012 and got 2nd place in 2015. He was a fellow of the Robert Bosch foundation, part of the regional program Black Sea Young Reformers. In 2015 he won the written press trophy awarded during the Communication Awards for Cultural Diversity held by the High Commissioner for Migration of Lisbon. He also got published in Adevarul, Esquire and FHM. He got to over 30 years old, without too much life baggage, and he publish with the belief that there's no higher power than that of the written word.