Cristian Munteanu // Qalendra
Founder, Qalendra
Cristian started his career as a journalist while still studying British Studies at the University of Bucharest. Then moved to the ad industry for the following 14 years: progressed from copywriter to CEO, won international advertising awards, published articles and interviews, led international teams on projects for world's largest brands, worked in Moscow, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Istanbul, Budapest, Bucharest. Co-founded Merlin, acquired by TBWA (Omnicom). Founded ESMUS - an online competitive gaming platform that proved to be a glorious flop. Founded The Best I Ever Had - an NPS platform acquired by Ermenegildo Zegna, Milan. Founded Qalendra Inc. - a Seattle-based data science company for travel. Demonstrated on the stage of travel industry's most prestigious events; pitched VCs in Silicon Valley; set up partnerships with large corporations.