Jury Chair: Kris Hoet
Global Chief Innovation Officer , FCB
When Kris Hoet takes up interest, he goes deep: As FCB’s Global Chief Innovation Officer, he has to. Hoet immerses himself in all media, from Instagram (where, as a devoted mountain biker, he posts about the @bestcyclingkits), to running his own newsletter, to new AR or voice tech programs (his current fascination) — whatever the tool, Hoet pushes himself to understand it inside and out before recommending it to clients. Through platforms like TED Talks and Cannes, he has spoken worldwide to diverse audiences. His talks reflect his quiet, assured manner. Whether he’s discussing the rebirth of advertising, the need for creativity in business, approaches to prototyping, or ways to design for innovation — to name just a few of the topics he’s covered — he invariably garners praise and attention. It makes sense: Hoet leads by example, testing products and ideas thoroughly and bringing boundless creative energy to his endeavors; his audiences sense that when he speaks on a subject it’s because he has explored that subject to its limits. A Belgian native, he served as EMEA marketing manager at Microsoft and was managing partner of digital and innovation at Belgian leading agencies Duval Guillaume & Happiness for over 10 years. In addition to going deep, Hoet also moves quickly — as evidenced by his penchant for collecting and driving classic cars. He’s someone to keep up with, that’s for sure.