Dan Zloteanu
Business Consultant & Marketing Researcher, MRI / The Network

10-year-old experience in management, a 13-year-old career in marketing in multinational organizations, and seven other years of experience in business consultancy and a lot of successful experiences in newly launched brands and communication. This is a part of Dan Zloteanu's portfolio. From 2009 until today he has been working as Business Consultant & Marketing Researcher at MRI Research & Consulting, part of The Network. Dan Zloteanu has clients enjoying success due to his work, like Agricola Bacau, Agricover, Alexandrion group, Autoboca rent-a-car, Bacardi Martini group, Bitdefender, L'Oreal, Meat House / Cardiax-Plus (Republic of Moldova), Romania tourism brand / National Tourism Agency, Softwin, Tuborg Romania, Vascar. He has accumulated experience since the year 1993, when (until 1995) he has worked as Regional Representative at Remy Cointreau Group Moscow. From 1995 until 1998 he has worked for Z. A. O. L'Oreal Russia Moscow as Brand Manager, and starting from 2005 he became Marketing Director. Between 2006-2009 he worked for S. C. Beiersdorf Romania S.R.L. as Marketing Manager for NIVEA brand. He participated in many trainings and professional courses not only in Romania but also in France and Paris.