Nicoleta Gruia
Head of Advertising & Founding Partner , & Arca Jurnaliștilor

Nicoleta is a remarkable presence in the media industry, with a solid experience of over 18 years, 16 of which have been exclusively dedicated to the digital environment. What sets her
apart and defines her is her clear vision, strategic thinking, and her ability to find solutions in any circumstances. Her optimistic mindset has been a source of inspiration and strength, enabling her to continue believing in the possibility of achieving success even when challenges seemed insurmountable. Her desire and determination to contribute to building a better future for the world we live in have been the driving forces that have guided her every step of her career.

Professionally, Nicoleta is a Founding Member of and the Arca Jurnalistilor (Journalists' Ark), as well as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Romanian Bureau of Transmedia Audit (BRAT). Over the years, she has successfully led marketing and sales departments in several publications in Romania. She has actively engaged in social projects related to education and awareness within the World Vision Romania, contributing to the
promotion of positive changes in the community. Additionally, she has provided consultancy and mentorship to young entrepreneurs with aspirations and the courage to create new ideas and projects.

She positions herself as a supporter of quality journalism, using the hashtag #qualitypresssuporter. She considers quality press to be one of the key pillars of a healthy society, with accurate information being an essential right for every individual. She firmly believes that education is the key to achieving this goal and is determined to continue working towards a world where every individual has access to accurate and relevant information, thereby contributing to the overall progress of society.