Download Templates for Entry

Welcome to Internetics 2022!

On this page, you can download a template for each entry form, in order to prepare your entry before submitting it online on the website. You can use these documents while crafting the submission to enable easy collaboration with team members and partner companies.

The entry form is almost the same for all categories and sections, but with few small differences, so here is a set of downloads for each category:
For Digital Platforms here.
For Digital Platforms - Digital Craft here.
For Digital Strategies here.
For Digital Campaigns here.
For Internetics Digital for Good (NEW IN 2022) here.
! Review all requirements for each field before filling in the information. Some have been updated to better explain what we expect and how to present your info.
Also, review the following before writing your case:
Rules of the competition for the 2022 edition
All categories & sections & their updated definitions
Entry Guide - with a technical guidance for the online submission, but also other aspects to be aware of when writing the case
Criteria for judging, for each section
Winners from 2021 as reference
Main dates:
Call for Entries period: September 2nd and September 29th 2022, 23:59
Payment Deadline: 7th of October 2022

Eligibility Period for the works: 1st of September 2021 -31th of August 2022 for Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies, Digital Campaigns) & 21st of August 2020 - 31th of August 2022 for the new category: Internetics Digital for Good

What's New in 2022:

Updates in the majority of the definitions. Still 3 main categories: Digital Platform, Digital Strategies & Digital Campaigns.
A new stand-alone category for 2022: INTERNETICS DIGITAL FOR GOOD. See here the definition and all the important aspects to have in mind when submitting here.
Updated definitions of the judging criteria. A new criterion: Impact, for the new category Internetics Digital for Good
Updated points system for setting the Agency of the Year and Digital Client of the Year:
              For all sections in Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns, points are as follows:

              1 Nominee = 2 points
              1 Silver = 4 points
              1 Gold = 6 points
              Best Digital Campaign = 8 points
! Best Digital Campaign is the former Grand Prix trophy, chosen from the Gold winners of all the sections in the Digital Campaigns category

New entry fees: 500 euro, plus VAT for the 3 main categories: Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns and 250 eur, plus VAT for the new Internetics Digital for Good category. The fee for Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns applies until 29th of September (included). After this date, if a deadline extension will occur, the new entry fee for Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns will be 600 eur, plus VAT. The entry fee for Internetics Digital for Good will remain 250 eur, plus VAT.

Special Discounts:
a. The "Social Campaigns" section from Digital Campaigns can be entered for free.
b. Discount for Volume: participants will benefit from a 10% discount for at least 10 entries submitted into the competition. The discount for volume will count the full number of works submitted within the deadline and within the deadline extension, if applied (works submitted in the "Social Campaigns " section from Digital Campaigns will not count when applying the discount for volume).

You can find on the website all the updates information for the current edition.

You can access the templates for all entry forms to prepare your cases before.

To enter the competition, you'll need to create an account on and submit here all the information, creative materials & other needed info for the Internetics team.

Please contact the Internetics Team for any questions at

Best of luck!