Jury:// 2018

The Internetics jury brings together branding, marketing and online advertising specialists from Romania. The jury is made up of the best online marketing professionals. Judging is made online and offline in October – November 2018 in 3 judging groups, one for each main category: a special jury for the Digital Platforms category, one for Digital Strategies and one for Interactive Campaigns.

They will choose the nominess, the Silver and Golds in each category and the Grand Prix in Interactive Campaigns and also the special distinctions of the competition.

Here here the 2018 Internetics Jury:


Here is the Internetics 2018 Jury:




Judging Facilitator: Alina Cătălina Bănuleasa

Judging Facilitator: Alina Cătălina Bănuleasa

Lead UX Designer for FIFA @EA Sports & Co-founder Design Thinking Society
Alina has an extensive experience in User Experience and Design Thinking. She’s currently leads the UX team in Bucharest in charge of creating the best experiences for the world’s famous football game, FIFA. She recently co-founded the Design Thinking Society with, what she proudly...

Digital Platforms

Adina Vlad Adina Vlad
Managing Partner
Unlock Market Research
Adriana Simionescu Adriana Simionescu
Senior Researcher, Market Effectiveness
Anca Ștefan Anca Ștefan
Chief Digital Officer
L’Oreal Russia
Anda Lazăr Anda Lazăr
Brand Manager
UniCredit Bank
Camelia Ganga Camelia Ganga
Marketing Consultant
Cătălina Mergeani Cătălina Mergeani
Brand & Digital UX Director
NN Romania
Ciprian Postelnicu Ciprian Postelnicu
Head of Media, Budgeting and Production
Telekom Group Romania
Cosmin Preda Cosmin Preda
Advertising Team Manager
Crina Chiru Crina Chiru
Head of convergence and b2b communication
Orange Romania
Cristian Manafu Cristian Manafu
Managing Partner
Dan Oroș Dan Oroș
Marketing Manager
Google Romania
Dan Tudoroiu Dan Tudoroiu
Digital Project Manager
Antena Group
Eliza Șerban Eliza Șerban
Group Brand Manager CIUC
Heineken Romania
Ioana Mârzac Sigarteu Ioana Mârzac Sigarteu
Corporate Communication Manager
Samsung Electronics Romania
Luminița Boștinaru Luminița Boștinaru
International Marketing Manager
AQUA Carpatica
Mihai Tănase Mihai Tănase
Head of Digital & CRM
Renault & Dacia Romania
Vica Schipor-Doroftei Vica Schipor-Doroftei
Social Media Manager
Victor Kapra Victor Kapra
Online consultant

Digital Strategies

Adina Nica Adina Nica
Research & Strategy Consultant
Open-I Research
Dan Petre Dan Petre
Business Developer
D&D Research
Denisa Mirea Denisa Mirea
Brand Communication and Advertising Manager SEE
Avon Romania
Dragoș Stanca Dragoș Stanca
Greta Redeleanu Greta Redeleanu
Marketing Director
Regina Maria
Irina Pocovnicu Irina Pocovnicu
Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder
Laura Mihăilă Laura Mihăilă
Head of Marketing
Matei Psatta Matei Psatta
Co-Founder & CMO
Mihaela Oprescu Mihaela Oprescu
Head of Brands
BAT Southern Central Europe 
Raluca Alexandrescu Raluca Alexandrescu
Ecommerce & Loyalty Marketing Director
Mega Image
Ramona Ciocodei Ramona Ciocodei
Communications & Digital Manager
Răzvan Mircea Răzvan Mircea
Marketing Director
Strauss Balkans
Ruxandra Mocanu Ruxandra Mocanu
Independent Marketing Consultant
Simona Andrei Simona Andrei
Brand Manager
Pernod Ricard Romania

Interactive Campaigns

Alina Crangă  Alina Crangă
Brand Manager
Ana Vișian Ana Vișian
Head of Advertising Sales
OLX Group Romania
Anca Zamfirescu Anca Zamfirescu
Consumer Insights Senior Researcher
Nielsen Research
Bogdan Țurcanu Bogdan Țurcanu
Senior Innovation Manager
Ursus Breweries
Bogdan Toacșe Bogdan Toacșe
Senior Department Manager Brand Management
OMV Petrom Marketing
Cosmina Frîncu Cosmina Frîncu
Brand Communication Manager
BRD Groupe Société Générale
Cristina Avram Cristina Avram
Marketing Director
Avon Romania
Cristina Hanganu Cristina Hanganu
Communication & CSR Director
Lidl Romania
Dan Zloteanu Dan Zloteanu
Business Consultant & Marketing Researcher
MRI / The Network
Elena Șerban Elena Șerban
Business Development and Marketing - Emerging Markets expert
Georgiana Oltenescu Georgiana Oltenescu
Head, Marketing & Communication
Ileana Cipca Ileana Cipca
SMB Channel Marketing Lead
Microsoft Western Europe
Liliana Martin Liliana Martin
Communication Strategy and Planning Manager
Vodafone Romania
Lucia Antal Lucia Antal
Marketing Director
Pro TV
Matei Goncea Matei Goncea
Senior Creative Excellence Manager Central & Eastern Europe
Nicoleta Mihăilescu Nicoleta Mihăilescu
Marketing Manager Baby Care South East Europe
Procter & Gamble
Ramona Bratu Ramona Bratu
Marketing Manager
Untold & Neversea Festivals
Teodora Juravle Teodora Juravle
Marketing Communications Director
Vel Pitar
Tina Crețu Tina Crețu
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
KFC, Pizza Hut & Taco Bell