Entry Guide

To submit a work to the 2018 Internetics competition you must follow 4 steps:

Step 1: Register on www.internetics.ro

Use the “Login” >then „Register” buttons

Fill-in the form with your details (name, e-mail, phone, password) and press the “Register” button.

You will receive on your e-mail address a message with a confirmation code. Use the code to activate the account; after activation you will be redirected to your profile page, where you can configure your profile and start submitting your works.

If you already have an account from previous years, you can access it using the „Login” button and update your data, if necessary. You will be able to use your existing account to submit works for the 2018 competition.

Step 2: Submitting your works

To submit a work use the „Enter works” button and choose the section in which you want to submit your entry (you can’t select more than one section: each entry has to be made individually, to best fit the chosen section and create a relevant content). Each category has more sections. After selecting the desired section, press „Fill in the form”. If you already started filling-in the form and decide to change the section/ category, you can use the „Change category” button.
For the Interactive Campaigns category, you must choose the section that represents your brand and its main activity, not the specifics of your campaign. You can only enter in one section of the category.

e.g: a campaign for a beer brand must be submitted in the „FMCG – Drinks” section, no matter the subject of the campaign.

For campaigns developed as a collaboration between two brands from different areas, the participant can choose the sub-category that best fits its entry, from the two main activities of the involved brands.

For Viral Video & Viral Non-Video sections: Enter here one specific execution that became viral, not the entire campaign & campaign’s strategy.

! If a brand creates its awareness based on a series of videos, that should be entered in other sections of the competition, here you must submit the one video execution that went viral and explain why and with what results

! If a brand creates its awareness based on a series of images or other type of non-video materials, that should be entered in other sections of the competition, here you must submit the one non-video execution that went viral and explain why and with what results – ex: a real time marketing association

All forms must be written entirely in English. The creative reel must be presented in the language in which appeared.

Some fields from the entry form have additional info to help you better understand the requirements: the info are available with a click, just click on the „info” button in the right.

Please add relevant data sources for your entries, especially in the Results field: use trafic.ro, BRAT, Google Analytics and so on for all the data used to sustain your entry; use specific KPIs depending on the section. The form has 3 fields for supporting files where you can upload any document that helps you best present your work: you can upload here graphs, charts etc., but also pdf, jpg files etc. These 3 files can’t be bigger than a total of 15 MB for all three.

All fields are mandatory. Please write „not the case” if a field doesn’t apply to your entry of if you cannot give certain data. Still, try to fill in as much of the entry form as you can to help you in the judging process.

The data from the entry form will not be made public (except the "entry name", "brand", "client", "author", "other agencies to credit", "the team", "screenshost" & "public URL" fields that will appear on our website among all 2018 participants - please check and recheck the information, we will use if as it is). The jury members will have access to all entry forms during the judging process, only after signing a confidentiality contract (they will not be able to see in the judging system the fields offering information about the agency/agencies).

If the work you want to submit into the competition isn’t online anymore, you must upload it on a temporary web page showing the work, with all its components (a ftp, a server etc.). This temporary web page can’t be named with the agency name or other clues that can reveal the author of the work. The page must be online during all the judging process (October – November 2018). In the entry form you will find a special field for this: "URL for no longer active projects", with a following one if the case: "Access data"

The „Draft” button:

If you can’t finish your work because of temporary lack of data, you can save the work as „Draft”, with the possibility to edit it later, when your information is complete.
Also, use the „Draft” button to be sure that you save your information, thus the work session will expire if you stay for too much time logged in on the website.

The „Save” button:

After filling in all the requested data and all fields, use the „Save” button, to send the work to the organizing team to validate it.

You will receive an e-mail letting you know that the work was submitted.

Step 3: Validation of the work

You will be notified via e-mail if the work was approved or not into the competition.

If the work is approved, the organizing team will contact you to proceed with the payment.

If the work isn’t approved, the organizing team will let know the reasons and help you correct the entry form.

Step 4: Payment

The entry fee is 250 euro, plus VAT for the Digital Platforms category, 300 euro, plus VAT for the Digital Stategies category and 350 euro, plus VAT for the Interactive Campaigns category. The "Social campaigns, political and awareness messages" sections in both sub-categories in Interactive Campaigns can be entered for free, if the brand/client is an NGO or civic initiative.The payment is made via bank transfer; all the details for the payment will be send by the oganizers after the entrant submits all cases.

Your works will be validated and accepted in the 2018 Internetics competition only if all payments are made no later than October 23rd 2018 October 30th and you send us a payment proof at teodora.calin [at] institute.ro. After it, your work will be send to our jury members.

in addition to the entry form for each submitted work, the participant will be required to send a presentation movie for the Internetics Awarding Gala 2018 using a transfer website (e.g.: wetransfer.com), no later than November 12th (1 minute long, only mov format is accepted). The Participants take full responsibility for all copyright issues. The movie will be used for the Awarding Gala & online, on the Internetics website, Facebook and YouTube page, in order to promote the winners.

Good luck!

For all questions regarding the competition, please contact Teodora Calin at teodora.calin [at]institute.ro