Internetics 2022 Rules

The Rules are set by The Institute, the founder and organizer of the competition. If you have any questions please write at

Chapter I. Description
Chapter II. Eligibility
Chapter III. Rights and obligations
Chapter IV. How to Enter
Chapter V. Copyright
Chapter VI. Deadlines
Chapter VII. Entry Fees
Chapter VIII. Jury
Chapter IX. Awards

Chapter I. Description

Art.1. Internetics awards the best online strategies and communication ideas that developed into online websites, tools or campaigns. Internetics is the first branding, marketing and online advertising competition in Romania. The festival reaches this year its 22nd edition.
Art.2. Internetics can receive entries into 3 main categories: a Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns and a new stand-alone category: Internetics Digital for Good.

Chapter II. Eligibility


Art.3. Any Romanian company or agency that created the work / the campaign can enter the competition. The works can be submitted by companies or online agencies, full-service agencies, PR agencies, media agencies and others, with the approval of all parties or by the clients themselves, who developed and implemented the creative ideas with online in-house departments. To present an accurate image of the online advertising market, agencies must submit works for which they are responsible for the main creative idea, not only for the implementation process, with credits to all the other involved agencies or entities.

Art.4. The organizers do not request documents proving the approval of all the involved entities in the entry form; still, participants must inform and take consent from all involved parties and take full responsibility for the submitted entries. The participants should credit all companies and agencies involved in the submitted works.


Art.5. Entries must be created by Romanian registered companies and for the Romanian market.
Art.6. Participants can enter works in all categories and in one or more sections, depending on the category. Participants can submit a work in more than one section (only if it fits), in all sections & sub-categories, except for SITES in Digital Platforms (where you must choose between "Website" and "Microsite" - the same web platform cannot be entered in both sections) and COMMUNITIES in Digital Strategies (where you must choose between "Brand Associated Communities" and "Brand Built Communities", depending on your type of community). In Digital Campaigns, the chosen section must represent the brand and its main activity, not the specifics of the campaign (e.g., a campaign for a beer brand must be submitted in the "FMCG - Drinks" section, no matter the subject of the campaign). For campaigns developed as a collaboration between two brands from different areas, the participant can choose the sub-category that best fits its entry, from the two main activities of the involved brands.
Art.7. An entry can be submitted in 3 sections at maximum (an entry meaning a campaign or different components of the same campaign). As a 4th choice, works can be submitted in the new Internetics Digital for Good category, if it fits within the eligibility period. Works can also be submitted only in the new Internetics Digital for Good category. Each form must be filled in separately and the content must be adapted according to each section, to best explain the work and its presence in the specific section.
Art.8. For Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns, your work must have run between 1st of September 2021 - 31st of August 2022. For the new Internetics Digital for Good category, the eligibility period is 21st of August 2020 - 31st of August 2022. You can enter a work introduced on the market earlier or that ends after the mentioned period, but having a minimum of two thirds within the eligible period and showing results for the same eligible period. Executions and results can be presented for the full period of the work, but must include the eligible period (ex: if a work started one month before or lasted one month after the eligible period, you can choose to show the executions and results also for that extra month, but it is mandatory to present all results for the eligible period).

Art.9. Works already entered and judged in the previous Internetics edition cannot be re-entered into the 2022 competition (ex: for works or campaigns that were ongoing in the middle of the two eligible periods for 2021 and 2022 - if the work was submitted in the previous year competition, it can't be re-entered). Exceptions: ongoing projects such as websites, social media pages, communities or others, for which a different strategy and results will be presented, for the eligible period. For websites and digital platforms no longer active, the participants must show to the judges, in the entry form, the online version, in the form in which it ran in the eligible period (1st of September 2021 -31th of August 2022). You can enter a work submitted into the previous Internetics competition from 2021 only in the new category: Internetics Digital for Good, which has a more extended eligibility period for this 2022 edition and only if it is suited to the specific definition.
Art.10. The organizers can decline an entry is it isn't considered eligible, after discussing the reasons with the participant.

Entries that are not eligible

Art.11 Organizers will not accept entries that contain illegal, abusive, obscene or threatening content or sexually / racially abusive content.
Art.12. Organizers will not accept entries that are not created in Romania, by Romanian companies and adapted versions of international campaigns. The participant can enter a campaign part of an international strategy, showing the local component, with original strategy, idea and implementation.
Art.13. Organizers will not accept entries that are not fully functional (e.g., websites or applications with pages / sections under construction or malfunctioning).
Art.14. Organizers will not accept entries if the participant did not pay the entry fee until 2022 October 7th, 6 p.m.

Chapter III. Rights and obligations

Art.15. Participants have the following rights:

a) to submit an entry into more categories or sections;
b) to be informed about the entry fees and entry requirements;
c) to use the "Participant" / "Nominee" / "Winner" title in order to promote themselves.

Art.16. Participants have the following obligations:

a) to fully respect the Rules of the Internetics 2022 edition;
b) to fill in the entry form in English; still, the creative reel must be presented in the original language, as it appeared online;
c) to pay the entry fees by 2022 October 7th, 6 p.m. by following the payment rules;
d) to provide current and real data in the entry form and to include sources for all results (Google/Facebook Analytics, SATI or other third party entities); to give specific KPIs depending on the section;
e) to provide the organizers with the entry details to be published on the website - for this, the participant should double check all information filled in the entry form, hence will publish the data exactly as it is written in the form. Also, the information will be used for credits in the communication process pre and post event;
f) to keep the entry form & all materials Agency Blind - not to mention the entrant's name in the entry forms, creative materials, uploaded files or social media accounts used for case video movies or other video materials - the accounts should be anonymous (exceptions: if the name is a signature on the website and cannot be removed or the entry is a self-promo material).
g) in addition to the entry form for each submitted work, the participant will be required to send specific promo materials for the Internetics Awarding Ceremony 2022, on a different deadline, closer to the event. Depending on the format of the event, the organizers will announce the participant what materials are needed and the deadline for submitting (e.g., a case study movie explaining the work, team photos)

Organizers can refuse an entry, should any of the above not be respected.

Art.17. Other reasons for disqualification:

a) modifying or adapting the content during the entries or judging period;
b) a work that has been copied and the organizer has evidence to support this.

Chapter IV. How to Enter

Art.18. Participants can enter the competition by filling in an entry form on this website after creating an account, between September 2nd and September 29th 2022, 23:59.
Art.19. Organizers will thoroughly check all entry forms within 4 days after the closing date for the entries and will send them back to the participants to be corrected, should the entry have any problems or missing data.
Art.20. For an entry to be validated, participants must pay the entry fee by October 7th 2022, 6 p.m. The payment is made via bank transfer (one payment for all submitted works). The Organizer will contact the Participant for all details regarding the payment.

Internetics 2022 categories and sections:

1.  Digital Platforms


1.1.  SITES
1.1.1. Websites
1.1.2. Microsites

1.2.  MOBILE      
1.2.1 Mobile Apps

1.2.2. Mobile Campaigns


         1.3.1. Best Website Design
         1.3.2. Best Website Content
         1.3.3. Best App Design


         1.4.1. Viral Video
         1.4.2. Viral Non-Video
         1.4.3. Social Media Pages
         1.4.4. Social Media Special Mechanics
         1.4.5. Influencer Marketing

2. Digital Strategies

         2.1.1. Brand Associated Communities
         2.1.2. Brand Built Communities

3. Digital Campaigns
3.1. FMCG - Food
3.2. FMCG - Drinks
3.3. FMCG -Non-Food
3.4. Services
3.5. Retail
3.6. E-Commerce

3.7. Durables
3.8. Art, Culture, Media and Entertainment
3.9. Social Campaigns

3.10. Others

4. Internetics Digital for Good

Art. 21. Each section of the competition has a different set of criteria for the judging phase, with different weighting factors. There are four main criteria: Idea, Strategy, Content & Execution and Results and three extra, dedicated to some specific sections:  Functionality & Navigation, Design and Impact. See the Criteria page on the website before submitting your case. For the first round of judging, each criterion will get a grade from the judges and the final grade will consist on a weighted average for each work.

Chapter V. Copyright

Art.22. Entries materials and descriptions will remain property of the organizers.
Art.23. Organizers reserve the right to use participants' names, entry names, public case-studies or other public materials in order to promote the competition.
Art.24. Organizers take no responsibility for the entries, should these contain any copyright infringing materials. Participants take full responsibility for all materials submitted for the judging process and awarding event dedicated materials.

Chapter VI. Deadlines

Art.25. The deadline for entering your works is September 29th 2022, 23:59 and for the payment October 7th 2022, 6 p.m. Organizers can extend the entry & payment deadline.
Art.26. Participants must call / write the organizers if they receive no payment forms or entry confirmation within 4 days after the submission process.

Chapter VII. Entry Fees

Art.27. The entry fee is 500 euro, plus VAT for the 3 main categories: Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns and 250 eur, plus VAT for the new Internetics Digital for Good category. The fee for Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns applies until 29th of September (included). After this date, if a deadline extension will occur, the new entry fee for Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns will be 600 eur, plus VAT. The entry fee for Internetics Digital for Good will remain 250 eur, plus VAT.

Art. 28. Special Discounts:
The "Social Campaigns" section from Digital Campaigns can be entered for free.
Discount for Volume: participants will benefit from a 10% discount for at least 10 entries submitted into the competition. The discount for volume will count the full number of works submitted within the deadline and within the deadline extension, if applied (works submitted in the "Social Campaigns " section from Digital Campaigns will not count when applying the discount for volume).
Art.29. Participants must pay a different fee for every entry, but all entries should be paid with a single payment / invoice. An entry is considered to be 1 work in 1 section. The payment is made via bank transfer; all the details for the payment will be send by the organizers after the entrant submits all cases.

Chapter VIII. Jury

Art.30. The jury is formed out of the best online marketing professionals.
Art.31. Judging will be held in two judging rounds, in October - November 2022. Judges will be divided into groups: a special jury for the Digital Platforms category, one for Digital Strategies, one for Digital Campaigns and a special dedicated jury for the new Internetics Digital for Good category. A Jury Chair will set the threshold for the nominees after round one and lead the discussions in the final round to decide all awards in all categories.

Art. 32. If a work doesn't meet the section definition, the jury will score it accordingly within the chosen section requirements. If a work doesn't follow all the entry rules if can be disqualified by the jury. There will be no refunds for disqualified entries or withdrawals after the closing dates.
Art.33. The Internetics 2022 nominees will be announced after the second round of judging. The winners will be announced at the Awarding Gala, in November 2022

Chapter IX. Awards

Art. 34. The Internetics 2022 trophies are as follows: for each section in the Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns there will be a Gold and a Silver; in the Digital Campaigns category there will also be a BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGN trophy, chosen from the Gold winners of all the sections from this category. The new category INTERNETICS DIGITAL FOR GOOD will have a Silver and a Gold trophy.

The Digital Platforms category has the following sections: Websites and Microsites (in the SITES sub-category), Mobile Apps and Mobile Campaigns (in MOBILE sub-category), Best Website Design, Best Website Content and Best App Design (in the DIGITAL CRAFT sub-category), Viral Video, Viral Non-Video, Social Media Pages, Social Media Special Mechanics and Influencer Marketing (in the SOCIAL MEDIA sub-category).

The Digital Strategies category has the following sections: Brand Associated Communities and Brand Built Communities (in the COMMUNITIES sub-category), ONLINE BRANDED CONTENT, DIGITAL BRAND EXPERIENCE and GAMIFICATION (considered as sections in the big category).

The Digital Campaigns category has the following sections: FMCG - Food, FMCG - Drinks, FMCG - Nonfood, Services, Retail, E-Commerce, Durables, Art, Culture, Media and Entertainment, Social campaigns and Others.

Art. 35.
The Jury can choose not to award a trophy in certain sections / categories or to award more than one trophy per section/category. The BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGN trophy will be awarded only if at least one Gold was awarded in the Digital Campaigns category. The jury can decide not to award the BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGN trophy if no Gold is considered best of the category. No more than 1 BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGN trophy can be awarded.

Art.36. Internetics Titles:

The Agency of the Year title: the agency with the most points gathered in the competition from awards and nominees
 The Digital Client of the Year title: the client with the most points gathered in the competition from awards and nominees.

For all sections in Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns, points are as follows:

1 Nominee = 2 points

1 Silver = 4 points

1 Gold = 6 points

Best Digital Campaign = 8 points

Other rules to consider for the Agency of the Year and Digital Client of the Year titles:

1.      If an Entry has a nominee and then goes on to win an Award, the points for the nominee are no longer counted, only the points attributed to the Silver or the Gold received. Same apply for Digital Campaigns, with the Gold winners. If an Entry received Gold in its section and then the BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGN trophy, the entry will receive the number of points attributed to the

BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGN award (8 points, not 6 points from the Gold and another 8 from the BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGN award)
2.      The maximum number of points considered from nominees is 10 (for max. 5 entries)
3.      For the Agency of the Year title, points go to the entity that submitted and paid for the entry and not to other credited agencies from the competition. If a work has a co-author, that co-author will receive the same number of points (not valid for credited agencies)
e.g., if an agency wins with a work, it will receive the assigned points for that award. If the same agency is credited by another participant as second agency and this participant also wins, the credited agency will not receive points, only the participant who submitted the work.
4.      For the Digital Client of the Year title, points go to the entity credited as "Client" in the Entry Form by the entity submitting the entry (please keep this in mind when filling in the form: if the client company and brand are different, credit the client company in the "Client" field and the brand in the next dedicated field)
5.      In deciding the Agency of the Year and Digital Client of the Year titles, in case of a tie between the total number of points won by two or more agencies or two or more clients, the winner will be determined in accordance with the followings:
- the agency/client with the highest number of trophies in Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns is the winner. If there is still a tie, then:
- the agency/client with the highest number of highest-ranking trophies in Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns is the winner. Highest-ranking trophies are considered the Gold trophies and the Best Digital Campaign trophy. For this specific situation, the agency/client that received the Best Digital Campaign trophy, will have by default 2 highest-ranking trophies: the Gold in the section from the Digital Campaigns category and the Best Digital Campaign trophy. If there is still a tie, then:
- the agency/client with the highest number of Nominees in Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns, disregarding the cap of 10 points (max. 5 works to be given points), is the winner.
6.      As a new category into the competition, the awards from INTERNETICS DIGITAL FOR GOOD will not receive points and will not be taken consideration in case of a tie for the two titles: Agency of the Year and Digital Client of the Year

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