Internetics Digital Week - all you can see

Published on 10 November 2016

Internetics Digital Week 2016 is an event made by The Institute for the digital creative industries, with the aim to bring closer to the public digital industries such as advertising, technology, IT & gaming. Internetics Digital Weeks will present, besides the tradional Internetics competition, an exhibition and a series of conferences, all talking about how digital meets three areas: social, business & artistic.

The Internetics Digital Week exhibition, whose launch will take place on the November 14, starting 7:30 p.m., at Stirbei Palace (Calea Victoriei 107), reunites under the umbrella of Digital Heroes works of digital artists, innovative tech products and social apps and special installations.
The exhibition follows the three event’s fields of interest: business, social and artistic. Therefore, among the exhibited artists are: Julien Britnic – Wi-Finitului Column; iMapp 2016 by 360 Revolution & Creart, AMPT (The Administration of Monuments and Tourism Patrimony) with Art 7 and Cristian Vasile Animated Museums; The Temple & Spider – Escape, the First VR movie in RO; I’ve experimented life in a foot – 3D feature-length-film –  Director Bogdan Mustață in collaboration with CINETIc; MINDSCAPE – Cosmic Rain; Electric.Brother Rocks (the newest album Electric Brother in pre-audition before the launch on the November 17, at the Grand Cinema & More, Băneasa); Alex Gâlmeanu - Nostalgia; Aural Eye in partnership with CINETIc – Bird in space; NUNU – a collaborative interactive digital manifesto, The French Institute & Rencontres Audiovisuelles.
The digital for business exhibition area embarks Gigi, the humanoid robot and The harp without strings of Robofun, the Quadcopters drones; Social Ego a RMX Creative in collaboration with Dorks Studio and Rage project, Woogie – a hardware device with artificial intelligence, 3D printers and the instrument Quick Draw from Alco 3D, the RiSe device for motorcycles, a Game Demo corner from Carbon and Mobile Academy with Mobile Tech Report 2016. The digital for social exhibition starts with a series of social app: the Civic Alert app; DEEE Collect – from Patrula de Reciclare (the Recycling Patrol); Tandem Navigator – The Tandem Association, Green Tips of the MaiMultVerde Association; The Courageous Lion – The Little People Association; Mr. Bear Driver – Publicis Romania; the Let’s do it, Romania app and DSU app, from the Department for Emergency Situations.Two special installations will be presented in the digital for social zone: Interactive Tulips of The Association of fight against the Parkinson disease & The project CINETIc – The Jilava Massacre, a virtual tour with Oculus Rift, will also be presented.
The design of the exhibition will be offered by Mihai Sfrijan, founder Notic Games and the access will be made by the basis of a 3D scan powered by the team 3D Seflie. The exhibition will be opened until November 23. You can become a Digital Hero visiting the exhibition and seeing how the digital helps the civil society, the business and art industries. Sign up here!

The Digital Talks day at Internetics Digital Week will take place on November 17, at Stirbei Palace, starting 3 PM. The Digital Talks aim to combine topics and speakers of the three exhibition areas. We will talk about initiative groups and social platforms, tech start ups, newest trends in digital branding and digital radios. To attend you can sign up here.

Chagall, a London based vocalist, songwriter and mi mu glover will have a special performance by glo iFuse on November 18th at Expirat (Halele Carol, 1 Constantin Istrati Street), starting 8:00 p.m. - a demo of how art and digital work together, with the special gloves. Sign up here!

The Internetics Awarding Gala 2016 will happen on November 21st, at the National Atheneum, starting 7:30 p.m. (to attend the gala please contact After the Awarding Gala, we will celebrate the winners at Internetics After Party by glo iFuse in Expirat (Halele Carol, 1 Constantin Istrati Street), starting 10:30 p.m. To join the party, sign up here!