Event Registration

Internetics Digital Week 2016 is an event made by The Institute for the digital creative industries, with the aim to bring closer to the public digital industries such as advertising, technology, IT & gaming. Internetics Digital Weeks will present, besides the tradional Internetics competition, an exhibition and a series of conferences, all talking about how digital meets three areas: social, business & artistic.

Come to the Internetics Digital Week Exhibition Opening, on Monday, November 14th at Palatul Știrbei, starting 7:30 p.m. Become a Digital Hero viziting the exhibition and see how the digital helps the civil society, the business and art industries. Sign up here!


Digital Talks: the Internetics Digital Week Conferences aim to combine topics and speakers of the three exhibition areas. These will take place on Thursday, November 17th, at Palatul Åtirbei, starting 3:00 p.m.. Sign up here! Limited places. Sign up for the entire series of conference – you can attend one or all panels of discussions, at your choosing.


Performance Chagall by glo iFuse: Join us on November 18th at Expirat (Halele Carol, 1 Constantin Istrati Street), starting 8:00 p.m., for a special performance with Chagall, a demo of how art and digital work together, with the special mi.mu gloves. Sign up here!

The Internetics Awarding Gala 2016 will happen on November 21st, at the National Atheneum, starting 7:30 p.m. (to attend the gala please contact teodora.calin@institute.ro). After the Awarding Gala, join us for the Internetics After Party by glo iFuse in Expirat (Halele Carol, 1 Constantin Istrati Street), starting 10:30 p.m. Sign up here!