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Published on 11 November 2015

New Training: CCNP Enterprise (300-435 ENAUTO)

This 136-video intermediate Cisco training is presented by SPOTO trainers Knox Hutchinson & Ben Finkel. They cover the knowledge network professionals need in order to use advanced networking solutions to improve the implementation and automation Cisco enterprise networks.
This series consists of twenty parts. It covers topics like planning intent-based networks, connecting with APIs, as well as implementing programmability in enterprise networks.
These are the twenty skills in this series:
Use Git to implement Source Control
Git - Collaborate
Describe the Characteristics of API Styles
Understanding the challenges of using APIs
Interpret Python Scripts
Python Virtual Environments
Configuration Management for IOS XE
Learn Data Models and Explore
Automate Cisco IOSXE Devices using Netconf
Restconf allows you to automate IOS-XE devices
Other Automation Techniques For Cisco IOSXE Devices
SD-Access Automation with DNA Center Platform
Deeper Automation Techniques with DNA Center Platform
Automating with the SDWAN vManage API
Deeper Automation with vManage API
Develop for the Meraki Dashboard API & Webhooks
Install a Python Azure Function app with VS Code
Use the Meraki Location Scanning API
Deploy the Meraki Captive portal API
Automate Cisco Meraki Security Cameras using MV Sense API

This training was designed to help networking professionals become more familiar with advanced topics in networking.
This training will also prepare you for the ENAUTO 335 exam, which is required to earn your CCNP Enterprise certification.
This training covers the following topics:
Resolving Conflicts and Merging Branchs
Working with branches
Understanding Python Lists & Dictionaries
The Netconf Protocol Workflow

This training includes:
Training for 10 hours
136 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

These advanced networking topics can be learned today!
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