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Published on 20 October 2015

Interview Questions and Answers for CCNA Certified Professionals

The most sought-after CISCO certification, the CCNA (Cisco Certified Associate Network Associate) certification, is the CCNA. There are over a million CISCO professionals serving thousands of small and large businesses, as well as the MNCs. CISCO is the world's largest IT and networking company. The CCNA certification is highly valued and comes with a high salary as well as a host of perks. These questions will likely be asked if you are a CCNA-certified professional when you go to your job interview. These questions will help you prepare for your job interview and make it a successful one.
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What is Routing?
Routing refers to the process of routing packets from source to destination. Router is the device that does routing. It is based on destination IP address. Router performs this task hop-by-hop.
What is the role of Data Link in Networking
This layer ensures data is correctly formatted, detects errors and ensures data is delivered securely. This is the layer where "Ethernet" resides. The Data Link layer contains Ethernet frames and MAC addresses.
Why are switches used in networking?
Switches are designed for scaling the network in a suitable manner. Switches are a default layer 2 device. They look up based upon mac-address to increase the network's speed.
What does Network Congestion mean?
Congestion occurs when more than one user (exceeding the network channel's limit and strength) uses or attempt to use the same network bandwidth. The network is unable to accommodate all of them. Data is dropped because the low speed interface doesn't have enough space for data.
What is the role of the Bridge? Can it divide the Network into small fractions or segments?
The bridge filters the network without altering its size. It transmits data packets between any two network segments that use the same communication protocol.
Which LAN Switching Protocol does CISCO Catalyst function through?
CISCO Catalyst 5000 uses cut-through switching protocol and method. Once the destination address has been identified, Cut-Through switching will start forwarding the frame. This is different from Store-and Forward because Store-andForward receives the entire frame before forwarding. Catalyst 2960, 2960-SCatalyst 3560-X and 3750-X are examples of store and forward. Cut-Through can cause network performance problems by forwarding corrupted frames. These bad frames can cause broadcast storms, where multiple devices on the network respond simultaneously to the corrupted frame.
What job is the LLC Sublayer responsible for?
Logical Link Control Layer (also known as LLC) is useful in providing more options for any application.