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Published on 10 September 2015

Explore Cisco 6000 Switches: Benefits, Features and Models.

Tech Series Article #20. This article will be about Cisco Nexus 6001 Series Switches. It is exactly the same topic as our last article. Did you miss our tech article? Here's our last tech article: Exploring Cisco 6000 switches - Benefits and Models #NB Tech A19. Let's return to this edition and see what Cisco Nexus 6001 series switches have to offer. We have already mentioned that the Cisco 6000 series switches come in two models: 6001 and 6004 switches. 6001 nexus include 1 Rack Unit, wire rate L2 and L3 switches. 6001 series switches provide high performance, operational efficiency, and design flexibility for virtualized environments.
These switches provide power supply grid redundancy and 1+1 redundancy using 2 power supplies.
Cisco 6001 switches make use of custom-built ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) in order to deliver L2 and L3 features in line rate.
Cisco Nexus 6001 Series Switches: Features
Cisco 6001 is a 10 GE 48 port switch with 40 Gigabit Ethernet downlinks. Cisco nexus 6001 was designed for high-performance and FEX (Fabric Extender), ToR 10Gigabit Ethernet server access, as well as high-performance aggregation. It is also part of Unified Fabric. Cisco 6001 switch offers the complete feature set of Cisco NXOS. It is the ideal choice for top-of-rack deployments. This includes direct-attach 10 GE server access and FEX aggregation deployments. Additionally, it can be used to create scalable Unified Fabric in DC. These switches offer many special benefits, some of which are listed below. -#1 Operational Efficiency
These switches are managed from one point with FEX Architecture.
Cisco 6001 also offers PoAP (Power on Auto Provisioning)
These switches also offer advanced analytics tools-kits with buffer monitoring, latency, and other features.
#2 Scalability and High Performance
Cisco Nexus 6001 supports Cisco Fabric path for scalable L2 networks.
In conjunction with the Nexus 2000 Series FEX, up to 1152, 10, and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port options are available.
48, 10 Gigabit Ethernet line rate L2, L3 ports with forty Gigabit Ethernet uplinks
#3 Agility
Nexus 6001 switch supports 40 GE and ten GE FCoE (Fibre Channel Over Ethernet)
Programmability - TCL scripting, Python scripting.
Cisco 6001 switches provide 1.5 times the density in a rack unit form factor and additional true 40 GE. These switches offer industry-leading innovations and the versatility of the nexus family, with 10-Gbps and 40-Gbps speeds, as well as industry-leading innovations. Download PDF Benefits, Features and Everything About Cisco Nexus 6001 series Switches #NBTech A20 This post was all about Cisco Nexus 6001 series Switches. We hope that you enjoyed reading it. Recommended reading: Top 10 differences between a Router & Switch They will be answered by our experts. If you have any questions about Cisco Courses, please call us at 1800-313-2545 from India.