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Published on 10 October 2015

How to Renew CCNP or CCNA Certification

You have the ccnp or ccna certification you wanted. While you are not an important resource in the IT chain, you are poised for success. These Cisco certifications have an expiry date. It's almost like taking medicine! Each Cisco certification has a timeline. After that, these are null. This is true even for expert-level certifications.
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Why do certifications expire?
Cisco claims that technology is constantly changing and that new developments are almost always made. We don't want to hear it, but programming and tech trends change every year, so experts need to keep up with these developments. Newer modules are available for the main exams in ccnp and ccna training. This ensures that only the most important aspects are highlighted and all obsolete material is eliminated.
There is a silver lining in this cloud: these certifications can be renewed. All you have to do is work hard and persevere.
Top Cisco Certificates have a validity of-
Associate-level 3 year program
3 years for professionals
2 years specialist certification
2 year CCIE certification
Cisco Certified Architect for 5 Years
You may be concerned about the cost of recertifying. However, you should remember that repayments are required for all certifications.
Cisco's Recertification Policy
It is better to not include your expired certificate in your resume. If you mention the same as in the past, you could refer. This will automatically give prospective hires a sense of your knowledge and expertise.
As a candidate, it is important to find ways to renew your Cisco certifications at the professional or associate level. Below are the top methods to recertify.
Network Programming automates network tasks and makes it easy to weigh the best options.
Network Programmability Developer Specialist exam
Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialists exam
To get a recertification, you should pass either of these tests. This is also a way to add value to your existing skills.
Cisco's Network Programmability Developer Specialist certification is for software programmers who are focused on network app layer development. This certification allows servers provision, data center use, and campus.
The certification track teaches you the fundamental skills required to create network applications in programmable environments. These could include the One Platform Kit from Cisco or Open Daylight Controller, or even the Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers.
These courses are very different from the standard SD.