We are celebrating 20 years of Internetics on the Internet

Published on 06 October 2020

The 2020 edition of Internetics will award its winners in Minecraft

This year`s edition marks an important moment in the evolution of the festival. It is the 20th anniversary of Internetics so it has to be properly celebrated online.

In 20 years, the festival made a lot of advertising friends (jurors, agencies, clients, partners & sponsors) driven by the same passion for quality work and high standards online. This year`s awarding gala, that marks the festival`s end, is dedicated to all of them. The most atypical and courageous Internetics event so far, the awarding gala will take place in Minecraft and everyone is invited.

On October 13, starting with 8:20 PM, all time fans of the event are invited to celebrate online the winners of Internetics 2020 in the virtual version of the emblematic Romanian Athenaeum, recreated in Minecraft with the help of Nexus Gaming Team. Minecraft, one of the most popular video games today, becomes for one evening the meeting place of the local advertising community.

The awarding gala will be moderated by the avatar-version of the well-known Romanian television showman, Andi Moisescu. For the event opening the virtual Athenaeum will host a virtual concert performed by Vița de Vie.

For a complete gaming experience, participants need a Minecraft account and a Discord account to attend the gala. On request, the Internetics team can offer all the support needed in purchasing a Minecraft license, downloading and installing Minecraft and Discord.

The event is dedicated exclusively to people over the age of 18 and has limited access.

The 20th anniversary edition of the Internetics competition registered 208 entries in the competition, from 53 participants. The works, divided into the three main categories of the festival, are judged by 62 specialists in digital marketing and communication.

The jury of Internetics 2020 consists of specialists in marketing, online communication, research and media, independent consultants and representatives of online consulting boutiques in Romania. In addition, the traditional jury is joined this year by a series of guest judges: professionals in online marketing and advertising from Sweden, Netherlands and Germany.

The president of the Internetics 2020 jury is Kris Hoet, Global Chief Innovation Officer at FCB.

This year`s winners will receive two trophees: a digital one, handed in the game during the Minecraft awarding gala and a physical one made of recycled plastic, courtesy of PlastiPrix project, created by The Institute and Lidl Romania that Internetics teamed up with in 2019.

Internetics is a project initiated by The Institute with the support of UniCredit Bank.

To join the Minecraft gala contact the Internetics team at hello@internetics.ro.

Internetics 2020

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Presented by: UniCredit Bank
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