Next Online Players 16 July 2008

Agenția Play the Balls organizează Next Online Players, un eveniment dedicat viitorilor antreprenori din zona de online, în perioada 17-19 iulie la Howard Johnson BucureÅŸti. Next Online Players

Kinecto: Premiile sunt extrem de importante 12 October 2009

Mădălina ÅŸi Alexandru * care preferă Mădă&Alex * în vizită * cum se cheamă atunci când vezi pe fiecare treaptă căte un mesaj? * sediul Kinecto * 5th floor * unde stau interactivii

The Internetics 2021 Jury 07 October 2021

More than 70 Romanian marcomm specialists, researchers, media & publishing specialists & marketing consultants are brought together as part of this year's Internetics jury. They are split into 3 groups,

Internetics 2023 // The Jury 13 October 2023

The 23rd edition of INTERNETICS gathered 145 works submitted by 28 agencies and companies, all of them dedicated to 56 brands.The judging process involves the collective efforts of 90 experts in digital

The Internetics 2020 Jury 14 September 2020

The 20 years anniversary edition of Internetics gathered over 200 submitted works by 53 agencies and companies. The entries submitted in this year's competition will be judged by 62 marketing and digital

Over 200 submitted works to the 2022 Internetics competition 26 October 2022

Internetics, a project initiated by The Institute and presented by UniCredit Bank, gathered for its 22nd edition, 209 submitted works that will be judged in 2 phases. The nominated projects will be announced